Hello hello! I’m happy to announce that I have opened an Etsy shop! I make unique hand painted bead necklaces, made with love in Southern California. These necklaces are a little piece of art to wear with you wherever you go. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

To purchase any of the necklaces go to my Etsy shop at, http://www.etsy.com/shop/TogetherCreative

Here are just a few necklaces in the collection now//
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A little piece of home//INSPO

Lately, I have been a little interior design crazy on my Pinterest board. I have always loved interior decorating and the joy of making your home a true expression of who you are, your style, and really making it your “home sweet home”. My own personal style translates both from my clothing to the home pieces that I gravitate towards. I love bohemian styles, native designs/textiles, and mixing colorful prints and patterns. I have also been a little obsessed with succulents and mini cacti! I may or may not have a little collection starting in my own home…
I’m a very visual person so when my home is looking good, I am feeling extra good! But really, the most important thing is that you create a space that is comforting, safe, welcoming and loving. Fill it with people that you care about and bring your heart and home a little extra happiness.

Here are a few inspirations that I’m loving:

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{photos are not mine. all photos from my ‘home’ Pinterest board}

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Laugh without fear

“She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.” •Proverbs 31:25•

There have been many times where I have worried or stressed about the future and what I should do or if I’m going in the right direction. However, I’ve learned that our God is bigger than my worry or doubt. When I put my trust in Him and surrender to His will, He will align the desires of my heart with the desires of His heart. Why should I worry when He has already blessed me more than I could have ever imagined? By just saying ‘yes‘ to Him, He has opened the perfect doors and surrounded me with the best people. I know He will continue to guide my path and my dreams so that I may fulfill the calling He has placed for my life.

May we all go into this season with boldness, inner-strength, love and optimism.

Child of God


\\ I found myself writing this a reminder to speak over myself daily. It’s amazing that we have a Heavenly Father that loves us all unconditionally and personally. He created each of us with a purpose a plan for our life. He has given us specific gifts to prosper His kingdom and provides us with the opportunity to become closer to His heart. You are beyond cherished, that you were worth dying for. If that’s not love I don’t know what is. //

His promise


I have MADE you
and I will CARRY you;
I will SUSTAIN you
and I will RESCUE you.

Isaiah 46:4

He has made me. Created in His perfect image, unlike any other. Created with a purpose and the strength to fulfill that purpose. Created with unique giftings and a light that fills my soul. Made by the most amazing Creator.

He will carry me. I am wrapped in the arms of Jesus. I will not fall, but if I do, He is there to pick me back up. I will not be shaken, but if I am, He comforts me. He carries me through the storms and through the triumphs.

He will sustain me. He is there to uphold me, nourish me, support me, save me, preserve me, nurture me, all the days of my life.

He will rescue me. He brings me from brokenness and blesses me with redemption. He makes me new and whole, full of wisdom and grace.

Relationship v. Results


When God answers your prayers in a dramatic fashion, you will grow in knowledge of His power and care for you. When God works on His schedule instead of yours, you will come to know more about His sustaining power. And when God says no and your dreams die or perhaps you lose someone lose to you, you will come to know the God of all comfort who weeps with you. If you want to know God as a Father, begin to assault the throne of heaven in asking prayer.

If we focus all our energy on using God as a ‘spare tire’, going to Him only when we are in trouble or feeling upset, their will be no growth in that process. God loves when we call upon Him in times of need, but He also loves when we call upon Him in times of joy and thanksgiving. Let’s keep our eyes focused on building a relationship with our Father instead of just waiting for the results. Stay steadfast in your trust and love for Him.

God will always direct you towards His perfect plan for your life… Sometimes it is not what we expected or thought that we wanted, but He knows us better than we know ourselves. If we just become dangerously surrendered to Him and His will, we will begin to live a life that is more beautiful then we could have ever imagined.

God is an artist


You are proof
that God is an artist.
He took you,
and he took your sin.
He made you clean,
washed white with blood.
You became a canvas
for Him to paint
images of grace and glory upon.
You became a blank page
for Him to write sonnets
of peace and of love,
and He named you worthy.
You became a stone slab
which God is now chipping away at,
creating in you a new heart
and shaping you
into who you were always meant to be:
His child.

-God is an artist-